First Milk Soaps...

All of our luxurious creamy soaps are made with milk, and tropical oils from Ecuador. You can order them especially packaged in handmade baskets, bamboo soap holders or in an organza bag. All the soaps have a neutral Ph. value and are biodegradable.
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Exfoliating effect
Cafe au Lait Soap

Cafe au Lait soap: made with organic coffee from the cloud forests of Ecuador. We use freshly made coffee and grounds to add a invigorating and exfoliating touch. Great to combat odors: keep a bar at the kitchen sink to condition and deodorize.

Exfoliating and nourishing soap
Andean Quinoa & Cinnamon

Andean Quinoa Soap: Quinoa adds all its nutritional goodness to your skin care with this sumptuous soap. The real cinnamon chunks add exfoliation benefits combining with the milk for a creamy conditioning lather.

oatmeal honey natural soap tungurahua
Oatmeal honey

This soap is kind to your face. The oatmeal soothes and exfoliates, the honey has natural anti-bacterial properties. As with all our soaps, the milk softens and soothes your skin.

Nourishing and creamy
Chocolate Milkshake

You can’t leave Ecuador without trying the premier quality chocolate products...and here’s one without the calories! Made with organic cocoa and cocoa butter combined with milk and healthy tropical oils, it is truly a feast for your skin.


Recommended for allergic and delicate skins.

The aloe vera provides a gentle cleansing.
All kind of skin



Soap in an alpaca coat

 This soap is felted with alpaca wool to gently exfoliate your skin. We use the natural colors of the alpaca or vegetal dyes made by the indigeneous women of Chimborazo


it is made by vegetable oils , beer and esencial oil jengibre. gorgeous...

Strong exfoliation

Tungurahua volcano ashes soap

Made out of the volcano ashes, it provides a strong exfoliation. Specially recommended for fat skin. Also appropriate for normal skin